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We are so grateful to all of you that have been supporting us dance and shuffle together! So many of you have asked for tutorials for many of our routines that we have shared on social media. For that reason, we wanted to create this platform to connect with even more of you! The intention behind our classes and platform is to celebrate our love for dance. We know with social media these days it is easy to compare yourself to what you see online. But just remember that all the videos you do see, even ours, take multiple tries. We really encourage you to take your time learning, document your growth with videos, and be proud of your progress. Throughout this journey we have learned so much that we are excited to share with you! And most importantly we can't wait to start forming our #desifuze community and dance with all of you!

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Check out our LinkTree to sign up for in-person classes! We primarily teach in Cerritos, CA, but we also travel to other cities for pop-up classes.